Our chemistry lab provides all of the colours that our customers demand with maximum precision and the minimum period of time. Colour evaluation is conducted by the latest model of the X-RITE Color eye Spectrophotometer color measuring system in our company which pays great attention to the technological infrastructure.

TECHNORAMA, the automatic pipetting system is used in our chemistry lab which closely follows the technological developments. Thus, increasing the efficiency in colour works, the best result is achieved at the shortest time possible.

Besides, it has provided automation in colour works by BENEKS sample washing machine and washing step has become a standard.

Colour works are conducted in a light booth in a dark room (ATAC brand) and evaluation is done by examining.

As an innovative policy of our company, each year fabric swatch collection is prepared in order to exhibit at the trade fairs attended and to present our customers.

Also, in order to keep the colour reproducibility between the parties under control, the fabric samples and paint recipes of all the batches produced in our company are archived and kept for 2 years.


The quality control tests applied at the physical testing laboratory are applied to each party during production. The tests conducted in physics laboratory are as follows:

• Wash fastness

• The size change after washing

• The view after washing

• Rotation after washing

• Shrinkage

• Weight

• Width

The tests of every production party in our establishment are carried out in accordance with international standards and customer requirements with great care.

In order to keep the quality under control, all test results are archived and kept for 6 months.