ALKAPLAR COMPACT COMBED YARN COMPANY started manufacturing as an integrated facility in the year 2013. This facility that has 15 200 spindle capacity, manufactures high quality yarn of different measurements in various fibers offering its customers a variety of options. Our production line is capable of manufacturing compact combed cotton yarn under high quality standards for types ranging from 16/1 Ne to 80/1 Ne from fibers such as cotton, organic cotton, polyester, viscose, modal and different mixtures. Our latest technology machinery park includes TRUTZSCHLER threshing equipment as well as comber cleaning machinery belonging to the same group, RIETER combed cotton machinery, ZINSER 351 IMPACT FX spinning machinery and SCHLAFHORST X5 spindle machinery. To be able to maintain the high quality standards, the yarn manufactured is subjected to quality controls for purposes of maintaining the high quality standards and manufacture yarns free of foreign fibers and polypropylene

ALKAPLAR OPEN END YARN COMPANY started production as an integrated facility of ALTEKS BOYA in 2007. With a monthly production capacity of 300 tonnes, ALKAPLAR OPEN END YARN COMPANY offers a multitude of options to its customers producing high quality yarn with various numbers and fibre. Our production line produces open end yarn at the thicknesses of 8/1 NE to 40/1 Ne from raw materials of mainly cotton, polyester, viscose and different blends.  We have RIETER blending, tape making and spinning machines with today's latest technology in our plant. Also, we have two separate carder units capable of producing two different blends at the same time.