ALKAPLAR COMPACT COMBED YARN FACILITY that was established in the year 2013 is involved in the manufacturing of compact combed cotton yarn under high quality standards for types ranging from 16/1 Ne to 80/1 Ne from fibers such as cotton, organic cotton, polyester, viscose, modal and different mixtures by using ZINSER 351 IMPACT FX brand machinery park in possession of the most advanced technology in combed cotton compact yarn field. At our facility the yarn manufactured is subjected to quality controls for purposes of maintaining the high quality standards and manufacture yarns free of foreign fibers and polypropylene. 

ALKAPLAR OPEN END YARN FACILITY, founded in 2007, has the RIETER machine section with the latest technology in the field of open end yarn and produces open end yarn at the thicknesses of 8/1 NE to 40/1 Ne from raw materials of mainly cotton, polyester, viscose and different blends.