Dyeing plant, started production in 1997 with a dynamic team, dyes any kind of fabric such as 100% cotton, 100% polyester, 100% viscose and blended fabric according to customer demands. 22 tonnes of fabric is manufactured per day by a wide range of machine section with different capacities from 25 kg to 1200 kg. We have fully automated chemical delivery system in our premises to improve the quality of production and protect the health of our employees as well. Therefore, chemicals are dosed automatically to all machines.  In addition, the all dying machines are monitored and controlled at any time through central computer systems (telescopes)

Besides, all parties in our business are carried out with a companion card on which demanded features are claimed and committed production stages are mentioned and quality approval is recorded.

Considering the increasing demands of the samples and collection, a large number of sample dyeing machines are brought to the fore. By means of using the best quality dyestuffs and chemicals, pre-finishing and painting departments produces high-quality knitted fabrics.

Also, none of the products produced by ALTEKS BOYA contains carcinogenic substances harmful to the human health is certified by the International OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification.


As a company sensitive to both its employees and environment, ALTEKS BOYA has become sensitive to global environmental problems reducing the carbon emission through the heat recovery from hot waste water thanks to heat recovery system within its body.  In addition, due to physical and biological treatment plant within its body, ALTEKS BOYA makes waste water completely harmless to the environment.


Moreover, to ensure the ideal flue gas emission values for the environment after the production of needed steam and heat, ALTEKS BOYA made all necessary investments and provided the desired values. So, ALTEKS BOYA makes environmentally friendly production.